Monday, March 4, 2013

What happened to February?

sculpture made from smashed tin and aluminum cans at taos recycling center
Wow, February was a rough month.  My husband came down with the flu on February 1st.  I got it a few days later. Non-stop coughing and total exhaustion were the main symptoms.  Two weeks later I was feeling worse and finally decided to see a Doctor.  Little did I know that I had a high fever, low blood saturation and...worst of all...pneumonia.  She prescribed meds and complete bed rest for another two weeks.  What a nightmare!

So, this blog has been sadly neglected.  I did not leave my house for a month except for two Doctor visits.  I missed so many amazing sounding events here in Taos, lots of snow (there goes my plan to learn to cross country ski this year), and our anniversary, Valentine's Day and my birthday.  It shocks me that March is here and most of the snow has melted in town.

It is taking me a bit of time to get my strength back.  The weather has been glorious the past couple of days...bright sun and temperatures in the 50's.  We have been visiting the park to walk Mosey (our golden retriever) and doing errands.  Like going to the recycling center.  You know you have been sick when this it a treat.  But Taos does recycling really well. 

one bin for tin cans another for aluminum
I was spoiled in Napa.  They have a "mixed stream" recycling system which means all recyclables...paper, glass, cans, approved plastic...can be thrown in the same bin and picked up on trash day.  Everyone get three for the recyclables, one for "green waste"  i.e. plant materials like leaves and grass, and a smaller one for trash.  Here in Taos you not only sort everything separately, but you have to drive it to the center.  I know it sounds like a pain...but I actually enjoy this process.  You stay very aware of your garbage/recyclables...keeps it top of mind when shopping.  I always ask myself..."What products offer minimal packaging?" before I buy.  And you meet some very interesting people at the center!

even recycling provides a beautiful view of the mountain

I am spending the next two weeks visiting my parents in Southern California and then we start ramping up for our massive remodeling project.  We bought the property next door to our house and are going to restore the existing  adobe ruin.  Our "Design-Build" architect is working on the plans now...lots to do before we start construction.  I look forward to telling you more about this project in the is going to be so cool.
the ruin in its current state!

Until next time...Happy 16 days till Spring!

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my best,
March 4, 2013

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