Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer Flowers

The Taos Garden Club, Los Jardineros, creates dozens of beautiful hanging baskets for the Plaza.  
Wandering around Taos during the months of July and August delivers views of flowers everywhere you look.  Carpets of wildflowers line hillsides, dot roadside lanes and blanket fields & meadows. Cultivated flowers are abundant in home gardens and businesses.  It is all so beautiful I thought I would share some images I have taken in the last couple of weeks. Enjoy!

If you have not been here in summer and fall, you may think everything is brown and dusty.  That would be true in early spring, just after snow melt.  But now?  Glorious.  Lots of green...and bright blue skies...and flowers everywhere.  Just gorgeous. We are in the midst of our monsoon season and, while we have not received the usual daily rain, thunder and lightning storms, we have had a few storms a week all summer.  So grass, wildflowers and a bit more water in our rivers. I plan to enjoy every bit of summer possible.  Fall is perfect here...but give me a little more summer please.

Summer is a wonderful time to visit Taos. (but, so is winter, spring and fall).  Come see us...soon.  Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone!

my best,
August 28th , 2013

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  1. Beautiful collection of flowers. I love a lot of colors.