Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Winter Farmers' Market

I love the Farmers' Market in Taos.  It has a very authentic, real feeling.  You can tell the farmers are local, from small farms where they pick their produce early in the morning the day of market and then set up with very simple displays. 

We moved to Taos in time for the last two markets of the year and I stocked up as much as possible. Sadly, I was just not unpacked and organized enough to buy, freeze and can the amount of local produce needed to last through winter. Next year for sure.  This winter will be spent exploring ways to eat locally in a winter climate with very cold weather and very high altitude. (We are at 6,967 feet in the town of Taos). I realize just how spoiled I have been living in California all of my life with year round easy access to fresh, local produce.

I was very happy to hear about the first annual Taos Winter Holiday Market which was held the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  Designed to give locals access to end-of-season  produce, fresh baked goods, honey, beef, lamb, preserves, spices and holiday gifts (all from local farmers, purveyors and artisans) the Market was a huge success. This was the perfect opportunity to shop for the Thanksgiving meal and begin Holiday gift buying. 


I was so encouraged by the large crowd of both Taoseños and tourists clamoring for organic and/or suistainably grown food.  Taos has always been at the forefront of eco-friendly living.  The emphasis on the locovore movement is growing as farmers and locals learn growing techniques to expand our very short growing season.  I look forward to sharing the successes and learnings (hydroponics, cold frames and greenhouses anyone?)

Keep it local my friends!

my best,
november 27, 2012

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  1. very cool blog! where have you gone for the rest of the winter for produce?