Wednesday, December 19, 2012

First Snow

photo d.padoven

It is snowing in Taos right now...big, fat fluffy flakes.  I made it to yoga this morning, now am sitting in front of a fire writing this post.  For many people, this is a common way to spend a December day.  For this California girl, a completely new experience.

Taos' first snowfall of 2012 was last Sunday.  It had been predicted for days but was still a bit of a surprise for me.  I woke up to clear blue skies and bright sun.  By noon there was cloud 2:00 pm the snow began to fall...and fall...and fall.  It snowed all afternoon and throughout the evening.  Amazingly beautiful.  I grabbed my camera, ran outside and began snapping photos.
photo d. padoven
Happily it was Sunday and there was no place I needed to go.  Football, a big pot of beans, a pan of cornbread, hot cocoa, fires in the kivas, warm house....perfect. 

The next morning was a different story.  And this is where the California Girl kicks in.  I had a 8:00 am yoga class.  Across town.  My jeep was covered in snow...and ice.  First time experiences for me: scraping said snow and ice, starting the jeep 20 minutes before I left to warm it up, being one of the first people on the road, bright sun bouncing off the snow blinding me at different curves in the street, layers and layers of clothing, snow boots.  Yikes.  I asked Peter for some driving advice.  His response?  "Go slow and be careful"  OK...I was looking for bit more specificity....but I guess that covered the important points :)

Taos Inn and Adobe Bar-photo courtesy Gabriel J Romero

We desperately need the snow here in New Mexico as we have been suffering from a major drought for many years...and the forecast for 2013 is particularly dire.  In Taos we need the snow for three major reasons.  The water of course, but Taos Ski Valley is one of the best areas to ski in the world.  We depend on the tourist dollars to support the local economy.  The snow also brings non-skiers who want to spend time in a winter wonderland eating at our delicious restaurants, touring our award winning museums and art galleries, listening to terrific music, shopping and just experiencing Taos.

photo courtesy Gabriel J Romero
photo courtesy Gabriel J Romero
I have never lived in an area that snows in Winter. I am just now experiencing four completely different seasons. So good.  I love looking at the buildings frosted with fluffy, white snow.  My friends and family are getting quite a kick out of me....a person who lives for Summer and warm weather...happily posting about liking snowfall.  But there is something magical about Taos in winter.  There are very few cloudy days...the sun shines 310 days per after the storms end we are blessed with amazing blue skies and low humidity.  It does get cold, but you can dress for it.  Maybe I will be singing a different tune in March but, right now, bring on more snow.  It is so very beautiful here.  Merry Christmas!
thanks to my new facebook friend gabriel for the use of his wonderful photos!

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december 19, 2012

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  1. Great post! I understand the energy associated with the beauty of first snow. Keep posting wherever you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!