Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lighting of Ledoux Street

Ledoux Street is the oldest street in Taos. Named after Paul Ledoux, a French trapper who settled in Taos in the 1800’s, this street is a winding, curvy, narrow path housing shops, homes, art galleries, an amazing yoga studio, restaurants and museums including the famous Harwood Museum of Art.  Ledoux is a must see during any visit to Taos but perhaps never more important than the annual Lighting Ledoux event now in its sixteenth year.

My new acquaintance Sharon first told me about the celebration.  She described it as "magical" and "incredibly romantic".  She was spot on.  The street is closed off to vehicles for two hours from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm the second Saturday in December.  Over 1000 farolitos (small paper bags filled with sand containing a lit candle) line the street and buildings creating the only light.  Most buildings have a luminaria (a small bonfire) in the front courtyard.  I was charmed to see merchants and gallery owners handing out wooden sticks with marshmallows attached for toasting.  Warm cider, cookies and hot chocolate were available to all.

Of all the Taos Holiday celebrations I have attended this year, Lighting Ledoux is my favorite.  It represents everything I imagined living in Taos would be.  The event was filled with families and friends laughing, talking, hugging and catching up. Wide eyed children were enchanted with the lights...and the toasted marshmallows.  Tourists were charmed with our town. There is a true feeling of community...everyone coming together to celebrate the magic of Taos...and the spirit of the Holidays.

We spent an hour wandering through the wonderful Harwood Museum soaking in the art, then visited every gallery...meeting the artists and admiring their work. we ended the evening with an amazing dinner at a terrific restaurant Antonio's....then went to the tree lighting party at The Adobe Inn.  Merry Christmas Taos!

If you have a thought to visit Taos in December (and you should make this a priority sometime soon), plan your trip during Lighting Ledoux...you will be very, very happy. 

my best,
December 10, 2012

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