Friday, December 7, 2012

Taos Feeds Taos

Are you in or near Taos?  If so, please join me tonight at KTAOS Solar Center for the 5th Annual Taos Feeds Taos Food Drive at 8:00 pm.  Admission is either 5 cans of food or $7.00 per person.  The very, very cool local band Last to Know is headlining. 

A little bit of background about Taos Feeds Taos from their website:

"Taos Feeds Taos - 27 years of Feeding Needy FamiliesOur Taos County is rich in beauty, natural resources, art and culture. For this we give thanks as the holiday season approaches. But many among us are struggling to keep their families together, warm and well-fed. We urge Taos individuals, families and businesses who have been blessed with prosperity in 2012 to join us in helping those in need.
Since 1997 we have delivered over 7000 baskets and the amount spent for food has been in excess of $500,000.00.

This project would not be a success without the support of the National Guard who have allowed us to use the Armory, the troops and the trucks to transport and deliver the food to outlying communities, also the public school children for the food and money contributions.

Lastly thank you Taos for the money and donations, and for your help in putting the baskets together. WE ARE A NON-PROFIT 501 c-3 CORPORATION.

The group's t-shirt uniforms say it all: "Love JOY Peace."

all photos courtesy Taos Feeds Taos Website

Each Taos Feeds Taos Christmas Box will contain the following so please add items from this list to your shopping cart:

Sugar - 5 lb
Flour - 5 lb
Pinto Beans - 2 lb
Rice - 2 lb
Pasta - 1 lb
Lentil Beans - 1 lb
Spaghetti sauce - canned
Coffee - 1 lb
Macaroni & Cheese - box
Saltine Crackers - box
Cookies - 2 lb
Candy - 1 lb
Evaporated Milk - unsweetened
Oatmeal - 18 oz box
Orange Juice - 46 oz can
Pie Crust - 1 box
Pumpkin - 15 oz can
Pears - 15 oz can
Peaches - 15 oz can
Fruit Cocktail - 15 oz can
Cranberries - 16 oz can
Peas - 15 oz can
Green Beans - 15 oz can
Corn - 15 oz can
Mixed Vegetables - 15 oz can
Yams - 29 oz can
Stove Top Stuffing - box
Dried Posole - 12 oz pkg
Dried Red Chile - 8 oz dried
Beef Stew - 24 oz can
Canned Tuna - 5 oz
Canned Chicken - 6 oz
Chicken Noodle Soup - 10 oz
Tomato Soup - 10 oz
Dry Cereal - 13 oz

Hope to see you tonight!  If you are unable to attend the benefit concert, donations are always welcome.  Please visit the website for additional information.

See you tonight!

my best,
December 7, 2012

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